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Why Do I Have Wrinkles Around My Eyes?

Why Do I Have Wrinkles Around My Eyes?

Maybe you’ve noticed crow’s feet forming during your daily skincare routine. Or you caught a glimpse of under-eye creases in a recent photo of yourself. And now you’re wondering how you got those wrinkles.

Your skin ages even with the best care. Lines develop across your forehead and around your eyes, and those wrinkles can make you feel embarrassed about your appearance and age.

Monique Petteys, FNP-C, and The Women's Center at Life Point Medical team believe you deserve to look and feel your best. That’s why we offer two leading cosmetic injectables — Botox® and Xeomin® — to treat tough wrinkles around your eyes.

If you’re frustrated by seeing eye wrinkles in your photos and the mirror, here’s what you need to know.

The causes behind eye wrinkles

Youthful skin has a lot of collagen and elastin that makes it bouncy and taut, but these two proteins that give your skin structure start declining as you age.

The result? Crepier skin that sags, folds, and wrinkles. Since the skin on your face is delicate and visible, it shows signs of aging first. In fact, facial wrinkles begin developing as early as your 20s.

Forehead wrinkles are usually the first to appear, and more wrinkles soon follow. The skin around your eyes is 40% thinner than anywhere else on your face, meaning that your eye area is particularly delicate and prone to wrinkling.

Coupled with repetitive movements, like squinting, smiling, and squeezing your eyes shut, wrinkles around the eyes are a common complaint among adults of all ages. These eye wrinkles take many forms, including:

Like other wrinkles, the lines around your eyes start small but get more pronounced over time. These wrinkles can impact your self-esteem and confidence, but the good news is treatment can help.

Erasing eye wrinkles with cosmetic injectables

Monique and The Women's Center at Life Point Medical team specialize in cosmetic injectables to erase embarrassing eye wrinkles. We provide Botox and Xeomin injections, two FDA-approved safe and effective treatments, around your eye area.

Both injectables contain purified forms of botulinum toxin. When used in small amounts, these ingredients relax muscles to reduce contractions and smooth away wrinkles. We recommend Botox and Xeomin for common facial wrinkles, including crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines.

If you’re bothered by wrinkles around your eyes, talk to our team to find out if injectables are right for you. We review your medical history, examine your face, and discuss your goals. If you choose this popular cosmetic treatment, you’re only a few minutes away from fewer wrinkles.

At our practice, we make a series of small injections around your treatment area, and then you’re free to go. Over the coming days, your eye wrinkles begin to fade away. While results may vary, the effects of these injectable treatments typically last about four months.

Are you tired of living with annoying eye wrinkles? Book an injectable consultation at The Women's Center at Life Point Medical. Call our Clayton, Georgia office at 706-782-5555 or request your appointment online today.

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