Is Hormone Replacement Therapy the Best Solution for Your Menopause Symptoms?

Even if you’re not having the classic symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes or night sweats, you could still be affected by low levels of hormones.

If you’ve gone through a period of uncontrollable weight gain, your libido’s sunk to new levels, or you’re so tired you can barely make it through each day, hormones might be the reason why.

At The Women's Center at Life Point Medical in Clayton, Georgia, our specialists successfully treat these and other menopause symptoms with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). 

Once your hormone levels are restored, you can live your life fully and joyfully again.

Symptoms of menopause

As you pass from being fertile to perimenopause to menopause, your ovaries produce less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. In the United States, women usually hit menopause around age 52, unless you’ve had a total hysterectomy or other surgery to remove your ovaries. 

The classic symptoms of menopause include:

When your hormones drop, you also don’t produce enough new bone cells, which can negatively affect your bone density. Poor bone density leads to osteoporosis and a higher chance of fractures. 

Your risk for heart disease also goes up after menopause, because your declining estrogen levels affect the health and function of your cardiovascular system.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) replaces depleted hormones with new ones — made from plant sources — that have the same molecular structure. Bioidentical hormones are functionally identical to your own hormones, so they have a lower incidence of side effects. 

At MultiGen Wellness Online, we provide BHRT in a number of forms. Depending on your needs and the results of your blood tests, which measure hormone levels, we might recommend:

In most instances, we recommend pellet BHRT. Your doctor inserts the pellet in your hip during a simple, in-office procedure that only needs local anesthesia. The pellets last several months and dissolve on their own.

Pellets ensure that your body has a steady supply of hormones released slowly over several months. The slow-release method of pellet hormone therapy means you don't get a huge dump of hormones into your system followed by a roller coaster dive as they wear off. 

You should feel better and notice some menopause symptoms subsiding in just 4-6 weeks. We monitor your hormone levels with regular testing to determine when it’s time to replace your BHRT pellet with a fresh one. Once your hormones stabilize, you notice benefits such as:

If you’re menopausal and are ready to discover what BHRT can do for you, contact our office by calling 706-250-7306 today. You can also book an appointment online or learn more about BHRT through a telehealth consultation. 

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